International Kenbu Kai Karate Kobudo Organization (IKKO)

IKKO WAY -Training Before Talking and Quality Before Quantity

Important Grading Matters

Black Belt Requirements

Yudansha means Black Belt Holder.

Black represents maturity, calmness dignity and sincerity. The first level of black belt is the final stage of one life cycle or the beginner mind, and a beginning of another exciting and fruitful adventure. Thus, we see that it is not only the end of the one stage but, more importantly, the beginning of a path which leads up through the ranks of higher black belts to true mastery of karate and life.

Shodan Ho and Shodan - 1st Dan Black belt Seijutsu Sincerity

Nidan Ho and Nidan - 2nd Dan Black Belt Kosei - Justness

Sandan Ho and Sandan - 3rd Dan Black belt Shinko - Faithfulness

Yondan - 4th Dan Black belt Hakuai - Phlianthropy

Godan - 5th Dan Black belt Yushi - Heroism

Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kenbu Kai Qualification, Title and Certification Rules

👍(Purpose) Article 1. These rules provide the requirement and rules regarding the title, certification and grade based on the Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate-Do KenBu Kai rules (hereinafter called the rules) Article 17-1. (Qualification for Dan promotion test)

👍Article 2 Anyone taking the promotion test must meet the requirements such as training period, age etc. as provided in Table #1. (Grade)

👍Article 3. Dan promotion test shall be held based on this regulation, and Dan grade certificate shall be given to anyone who passes the test. However, each dojo shall be allowed to execute the promotion test and issue the grade certificate based on the dojo rules in own right of each dojo on the test for the grade of Jun-Shodan and below. (Title)

👍Article 4. Based on this rules, the KenBu Kai may examine and give the following titles and issue the certificate to individuals who are qualified and recognized.

(1) Hanshi : 9 th Dan and above

(2) Kyoshi : 7th Dan and above

(3) Renshi : 6th Dan and above (License)

👍Article 5. Based on this rules, the KenBu Kai may issue the instructor license to individuals who acquire enough skills as instructor after the aptitude test.

(1) Shihan license: 6th Dan and above

(2) Jun- Shihan license: 5th Dan and above

(3) Instructor license: Nidan and above (Examination process)

👍Article 6 The person who takes promotion test must submit the following forms.

(1) Anyone who wishes to take a promotion test below Jun- Shodan (associate 1st Dan) level needs to submit the official form to the leader of one’s Dojo, Dokokai or branch (hereinafter called each organization). Promotion test fee and registration fee shall be set in conformity with each Dojo’s rule.

(2) Anyone who wishes to take from Shodan to 8th Dan promotion test must fill out “Application Form for Dan Promotion Test” (attached Form #2) and turn it into the President of the KenBu Kai or a leader of each organization with promotion test fee and registration fee noted in attached Table #1.

(3) Anyone who wishes to take promotion test for 9th Dan or above must apply to the President with promotion test application form (attached Form #3). (Test for the title)

👍Article 7

Article 7-1 Anyone who wishes to take Hanshi, Kyoshi and Renshi title permission test must apply to the President with “Application Form for Title Approval Test” (attached Form #4), test fee and registration fee.

Article 7-2 Test for the title shall be executed at the same time with Dan promotion test. (Test for the license)

👍Article 8 Anyone who wishes to receive Shihan, Jun-Shihan or Instructor license permission must apply to the President with “Application Form for License Approval Test” (attached Form #5) and license registration fee. (Organizations executing Dan promotion tests)

👍Article 9

Article 9-1 Promotion test for Shodan or above shall be held in the Headquarters. However, each branch shall be allowed to execute the test under the conditions noted below and with permission of the Board or with invitation of Promotion test committee officer assigned by the President.

Article 9-2 Dojo in Okinawa prefecture except Okinawa Main Island and Japanese domestic dojo outside Okinawa prefecture shall be permitted to execute promotion test for up to 4th Dan.

Article 9-3 In foreign countries, each dojo shall be permitted to execute the promotion test for up to 7th Dan.

Article 9-4 Under the condition of Article 9-1 and 9-2, the promotion test shall be allowed to execute for up to the rank which is one rank lower than that of an examiner and which is 7th Dan as the highest rank. (Registration of Dan certificate)

👍Article 10 Anyone who pass the Dan promotion test must apply with a promotion test fee and registration fee to register the name with Headquarters. After the registration is completed, the Dan certificate shall be issued. (A successful applicant passing the test in each dojo except the Headquarters shall pay the registration fee only.) (Date of Promotion test) Article 11 Promotion test shall be held on the following date.

(1) Ordinary promotion tests are held regularly twice a year, May and November as principle.

(2) Extraordinary promotion test shall be held at each branch dojo as the need arises. In that case, the approval by the Board must be necessary prior to the test. (Subjects of promotion test)

👍Article 11 Subjects of Dan promotion tests for up to 7th Dan shall be listed as follows.

(1) Sanchin

(2) Hojyo Undo

(3) Shitei Kata (Kata designated for each grade)

* Shodan : Saifa and Seyunchin

* 2nd Dan: Shisochin

* 3rd Dan : Sanseiryu

* 4th Dan : Seipai

* 5th Dan : Kururunfa, Seisan,

(4) Kata Bunkai

* Shodan up to 3rd Dan : Saifa, Seyunchin, Shisochin,

* 4th Dan : Sanseiryu * 5th Dan : Seipai,

(5) Yakusoku Kumite (established by the Association)

(6) Kote Kitae

(7) Oral test (for Shodan Only)

(8) Jiyu Kumite

Article 12-1 Test subjects for 6th Dan to 8th Dan shall be Shitei Kata of Sanchin, Seisan and Sanseiryu   

 Article 12-2 For 9th Dan or above, the board of directors approves as an honorable member, so their test is to serve only as a model demonstration.             

 Article 12-3 The details of oral test shall be provided separately. (Promotion test set up)

👍Article 13 Promotion test shall be done with marking by more than one qualified examiner. (Passing mark of Dan promotion test)

👍Article 14 Passing marks of Dan promotion test up to 8th Dan shall be given in Table#1. (Standard of title and license qualifications)

👍Article 15 The tiles of Hanshi, Kyoshi, Renshi, and the license of Shihan, Jun-Shihan and Instructor shall be issued only when the examination committee of the KenBu Kai and the Board admire the ability of the candidate and also recognize his noble character, considerable insight, high technical skill, leadership and contribution to the Association. (Extraordinary approval)

👍 Article 16 Regardless of rules set in Article 14 and Article 15, the KenBu Kai shall be able to issue an appropriate Dan grade or title to a person who has an excellent record and is an exemplary member or when the Board recognize it to be necessary to provide the person with Dan grade or title with any special reason. (Use and category of black belt)

👍Article 17

Article 17-1 Dan grade holders shall be approved to wear the black belts.

Article 17-2 Dan grade holders must have black belts embroidered as follows.

(1) 10th Dan – 5 Gold lines embroidered on black belt.

(2) 9th Dan - 4 Gold lines embroidered on black belt

(3) 8th Dan – 3 Gold lines embroidered on black belt.

(4) 7th Dan – 2 Gold lines embroidered on black belt

(5) 6th Dan – 1 Gold line embroidered on black belt (Transfer from other organizations)

👍Article 18 Those who transfer from other organization or school shall be treated as follows.

(1) Those who are transferring from other organization with 5th Dan or below, shall receive two grade lower Dan than the present grade. They will be allowed to take a promotion test to catch up with the present Dan grade at least one year after the transfer.

(2) For those who are transferring from other organization with 6th Dan or above, the Board shall discuss and make a decision. (Promotion test fee and Dan registration fee)

👍Article 19

Article 19-1 Promotion test fee and registration fee shall be provided in table#1. However, each branch may set up one’s own test fee structure with Table#1 as a reference.

Article19-2 Unsuccessful candidate may take the next test with free of charge.

Article19-3 Unsuccessful candidate who took the test in Headquarters and came from a distant place may take a supplemental lesson for unsuccessful subject for a certain period of time, and then may receive the certificate after the supplemental lessons. (Title certification fee and license registration fee)

Article 20 Title certification fee and license registration fee shall be provided in Table#1. (Others)

Article 21 If there are matters not to be referred in these articles, the Board of Directors shall make a decision. Additional clause:

The Rules shall be enforced on January 1st, 2015