International Kenbu Kai Karate Kobudo Organization (IKKO)

IKKO WAY -Training Before Talking and Quality Before Quantity

Training before Talking and Quality Before Quantity

We at the IKKO follow a very traditional Japanese and Okinawan Budo way. Our training is based on Kata and branching out to Kihon and Kumite together with Bunkai in our karate section. In our Kobudo section we practice Okinawan Kobudo especially the Bo, Sai, Nunchaku, Eku and Kama. We also incorporate Aikijujitsu or Goshindo in our training. Although we are a traditional-based organization we also participate in competition especially for the younger member to instil confidence and also to explore the principles of kumite and kata in competition fighting. Winner is not the objective learning is. Besides meeting and exchanging with various group from all over the World. We belong to the United World Martial Arts Federation (UWMAF), an international organization for all martial arts under one organization. 

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