International Kenbu Kai Karate Kobudo Organization (IKKO)

IKKO WAY -Training Before Talking and Quality Before Quantity

Yoshio Kuba Hanshi and Imtiaz Abdulla Shihan

Kenbu Kai The Pride of Okinawan and Japanese Budo

In essence, Karate-Do is a set of techniques and mental attitudes systemised and codified in martial arts which through a rigorous and systemised training of the mind and body, strive to achieve knowledge of oneself, others to ultimately create a state of complete harmony between oneself and the universe. It is a disciplined art that develops a strong body and perfection both of physical and spiritually in order to fully realizes oneself.

The Values of IKKO

Is essentially martial arts (budo) and such it is also a means of reaching the way (Do) by the practice of weapons (KOBUDO). As in any martial art. IKKO is, and requires solid discipline. The body must go through long and strenuous exercise for many years. Control is required over not only one's technique also emotions such as fear, pain and hate. As a fighting art. IKKO involves the confrontation of two wills each determined to win.

This develops qualities such as fortitude, but also humility and respect for oneself and others. IKKO is also a formidable means of self-defense, which does not require any particular weapon.

The weapon is the entire body. Its physical values are rather unique, it is an all round activity which equally develops every part of the body if the exercises are done in a proper and constructive sequence. All IKKO instructors are highly qualified in this aspect.

The exercise can be practiced alone or with a partner. Anyone of any age group can practice this art as it is flexible to suit any individual and the benefits are immense. IKKO Mission and Aim Karate and Kobudo was born when peace, the heart of the Okinawan people was incorporated with the spirit of Zen as embodied in the Chinese Shorin Temple Boxing. IKKO aims, therefore, is completely different from other martial arts.

Whereas the main aim of all other martial is killing and wounding as many opponents as possible. IKKO Karate Kobudo primary concern is simply self-defense and perfection of character. Of defense and offense cannot exist without each other. Consequently, training in superior defence necessitates training in superior offence techniques. Now, the growing interest in karate results not from the excellence of its techniques or the Oriental mystique, rather this interest stems from over-increasing appreciation for the spirit of Budo and the Okinawan Spirit of peace. It isΒ  the hopes of Shihan Imtiaz Abdulla that the spirit of Karate and Kobudo must be understood and peace will come to the world through an appreciation of this spirit.

Purpose of IKKO The Kenbu Kai Karate Kobudo Organization(IKKO) is dedicated to the preservation of authentic traditional Okinawan and Japanese Martial Arts Worldwide. The Organization is mentored by some the foremost Masters in Okinawa and Japan namely previously by Master Tetsuhiro Hokama (10th Dan Karate and Kobudo), currently Yoshio Kuba Sensei (10th Dan Karate), Soke Katsuya Izumikawa (10 Dan Karate and kobudo) Late Soke Kunio Tatsuno (8th dan Karate 8th dan Kenjutsu). Kyoshi Imtiaz Abdulla is a student of the arts for over 40 years, holds ranks of 7th Dan in Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate and Motobu-Ha Shito Ryu as well as 7th Dan in Kobudo.Β 

Benefits of IKKO membership and teaching

The following is the list of various benefits one receives from the membership of the IKKO. These benefits include:

* There are not affiliation fees to belong to the IKKO only pure dedication and loyalty

* The purpose of the IKKO is the establishment of an International Brotherhood to preserve and propagate authentic Traditional Okinawan and Japanese Martial Arts Worldwide.

* The IKKO is dead against substance abuse and the aim of the Organization is to make our societies a safe and happy one.

* The IKKO provides beginning, intermediate and advanced level training in a system incorporating both Okinawan Goju Ryu and Traditional Japanese Shito Ryu Karate and Kobudo which roots originated from the 1600's

* The IKKO ranks and teaching licenses are accepted and recognized throughout the world.

* The IKKO holds and participates in Annual Training and Seminars by Top Japanese and Okinawan masters for all members in 30 countries throughout the world. Every year a World Championship, this has been in existence for many years.

* The IKKO holds periodic Promotion Review Boards for its members, Black Belts grading are done every April and November at theΒ  Honbu Dojo. All dojos promote independently of white belt to 3kyu. Grading certificate cost is $5.00 per grade, besides grading cost.

* IKKO has a quarterly Regional Seminar by Shihan Imtiaz Abdulla.

* The multi-arts make up of IKKO provides the members with the unique opportunity to receive cross-training in a variety of authentic traditional martial arts via the liaison relationship through the IKKO to Japan and Okinawa.

The words Kenbu Translates to the way of developing the spirit through hard and enjoyable way of serious martial arts.

The Organization emphasizes the principles of respect, courtesy and manner together with development of a character that creates an individual that is an asset to society.

Administration Requirements Each Dojo

πŸ‘ Must be registered with the IKKO. Dojo registration is on an annual basis (calendar year) upon which a Registration Certificate will be issued from the Headquarters. Each Registered Dojo must be under the direction of a IKKO licensed Instructor (3rd Dan or Higher) or be sponsored by such an individual.

πŸ‘ All members of registered Dojos are individual members of IKKO. Membership to IKKO will automatically include the individual as an affiliated member of IKKO.

πŸ‘ Individual affiliation ifs $5.00 per year but dojos can charge as they feel is appropriate but must not be unaffordable to especially the lesser fortunate of our societies.

πŸ‘ Dojo Affiliation fee is $50.00 per year and can be changed by the Black Belts Board.

πŸ‘ Rank Certification Upon joining the IKKO each individual will be issued with an Organization Membership Card (UMC).

πŸ‘ Rank certification is issued by the IKKO upon completion of the requirements.

πŸ‘ Dojo's can grade from white belt to 3kyu grading certificates are only issued by the IKKO headquarters at a cost of $5.00 this can be altered by the Chief instructor.

Dojo must send to the headquarters all the records of members and Black Belts, together with the relevant registration fees, and any other information. Previous rank certificates for new members must also be included.

Join us today and be part of this important Budo family.

Learn authentic Okinawan Goju Ryu and Motobu- Ha Shito Ryu Karate and Kobudo.Β 

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